Hello and welcome to 7doll.com, an online portfolio showcasing the many talents of a young adult named Veronica Decker. I am an East Coast-based graphic/website designer and illustrator. I have always found my heart and soul within art in all of it's forms, and this website exists to showcase my abilities and past work. I hope visitors, whether they are potential employers or clients or are just simply browsing, enjoy what this portfolio has to offer. Thank you very much for stopping by.

Sincerely, Veronica Decker

Veronica Decker: Graphic designer, front end website developer, illustrator, and writer. Drawing since 1995, writing since 1999, and designing since 2000. Proud daughter, sister, and aunt. Lover of drop caps, thumbnail sketches, music, artwork, reading, and puppies. Survives off of laughs, imagination, and chocolate. Lives to create something amazing from absolutely nothing. Would you like to see a résumé?